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الصورة الرمزية яєɒ єчэ  
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افتراضي سبويلر هانتر x هانتر 374 || Hunter x Hunter 374 Spoiler

السلام عليكم ..

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 374 “Ability”

Vergei: This place? It’s room 1013….?

Kura: How does the outside looks right now?

Vergei: What are you talking about? I’m the one asking you a question. Please understand your position. You’re merely a commissioned guard of a lower ranked prince.

Hanzo: Kurapika! As expected, room 1013 was empty.

Kura: (If Hanzo is right, then the 13th prince is somewhere else with the room!! It’s still indistinguishable whether this is “evacuation” or “confinement”. In either case, I need to answer him. But talking to him will only complicate things even more…Talking with Bisquit is both the safer and faster way but…This captain guard probably doesn’t know much about Nen…! But the way he talks, he won’t admit it so easily….)

Kura: Please listen to me! Your surrounding is under the influence of a nen user!

Vergei: …

Kura: It’s likely that your entire residential area was transferred to a different place. I want to ask you to let someone from the Hunter association check the outside of the door!

Vergei: Listen, if you continue to ignore me and continue to spit out absurd things, then I will judge it as a decalartion of war. Don’t underestimate me. When it comes to defense, I don’t need any advice from you.

Kurapika: …..My apology.

Vergei: ….Hmph I can finally talk about what matters….What I want to ask you is the current situation of the 6 suspects for assassinating the 12th prince.

Vergei: As all the suspects are affiliated with the higher ranked Queens, they aren’t providing us with information… So…tell me about the progress of the investigation. You are the same as us since you’re affiliated with a lower ranked Queen compared to the suspects, but considering you aren’t directly involved with this, you should be in a better situation, right? If you are able to get valuable information from the ones involved and give it to us, then we can loan the person from the association that was with the 12th prince to you.

Kurapika: We’re very grateful for the generous offer…but can I ask you something?

Vergei: What is it?

Kura: We already know clear and exact information of the perpetrator that was involved with the 12th prince assassination.

Vergei: ! With that…you mean the name of the culprit, right?

Kura: Yes. We will explain you how we obtained that information as well. The only wish we have is a peaceful solution to this ceremony. And what’s absolutely necessary for this is a collusion between the princes! Currently, we have a peace agreement with the 3rd, 5th and 9th prince, and as you know, we have offered all princes information about Nen and to teach them Nen.

Vergei: Fine, if you say that much.

Kurapika: ! Thank you so much.

Vergei: I will ask the one from the association to check outside of the door, and will tell you the results. If any disorder is found, then tell us how to deal with that as well as the name of the assassin. Is that what you thought I would say?! I told you not to underestimate me.

Kura: Tsu…

Vergei: First of all, large amount of unnatural death occurred in room 1014, and then information about this thing called Nen was diffused, but everyone from the association would say “It’s true that Nen exists but the ones that haven’t mastered it can’t see it.” Added to that, the lecture about Nen that you came up with, also resulted into deaths! And when I call you to ask about the incident that happened here in room 1013, you say that you know the culprit?! After all the situations that perfectly suit you, you ask me to trust you!! It’s as if you’re a Dracula that lures someone into your traps!! How else am I supposed to perceive you!! There’s no way that we will open the door!! If you’re still fine with that, then dare to say who the culprit is!!!

Kura: …I understand. The culprit was a soldier of the 5thQueen and his name is Toughdy. He used a restraint bar to kill himself and then left a will stating the details of how he went into the prince’s room, and about his ability. Also, Toughdy was supposed to be in his bed on the day the incident happened due to his shift. This is an information that an outsider wouldn’t be able to obtain. I want you to understand that I’m not spitting out thoughtless words. Considering the power balance between the 5th and 8th prince, and the higher ranked Queens and higher ranked princes, the trial should go without any problems and the assassinator will be announced soon. And in that case, it’s probable that this will judged as a lone act. The more the higher ranked Queens and princes get involved with this; this trend will become more noticeable. The chain of assassination won’t stop if things go this way. Please consider the proposal about collusion/alliance.

Vergei: Ah it was very helpful. Isn’t the Hunter association just using the ceremony to destroy kakin from the inside? So what became clearer is that there is nothing that wipes away this suspicion and it only got deeper.

Kura: (He’s incredibly stubborn.) I get the impression that he only trusts himself.

Hanzo: As I thought…it seemed like from the beginning that Vergei hated everybody from the Association.

Kura: Although their location is still unknown, we know that we can contact them. As the only one knowing about it, I want you to be there in Room 1013.

Hanzo: Once break time is over, I will return to my real body anyway. Meanwhile, I will capitalize of my current condition and investigate things.

Kura: I’m suddenly concerned about why he didn’t ask me about the source of our information…It could be that he considered the possibility of a traitor and avoided asking that…

Kura: Be cautious.

Hanzo: That could be possible. At this moment, I doubt he will start with instant witch hunting, but I will be cautious. Kurapika, do you want me to investigate anything?

Kura: I’m fine. Try to obtain information that will help secure the 13th prince’s safety.

Hanzo: … (He really has a wasteful personality) See you.

Sakata: Kurapika. Tell me what you know about room 1013 that is under the influence of Nen.

Kura looks at Babimyna and he gestures that Kurapika is free to talk.

Kura: Room 1013 and including the people in that room have been transferred somewhere and we don’t know at this point whether it’s an attack or a defense. An ability to divide and block space is an ability an Emitter – Conjurer specialize in. An emitter is good at moving space to a different place, and a conjurer is good at building in laws and rules to that space.

Kura: (Babimyna didn’t interfere at all….is it his strategy and will he be quiet until the assassin is found…)

Kura: It’s likely it’s a defensive act of the 13th prince’s Nen beast but what will be key from this point on is the contact with Hanzo.

Sakata: I understand. Keep me updated.

Kura: Of course.

Bill is with Oito and Wobble and Shimanu is preparing for supper.

37 hours and 30 minutes have passed since the departure.

The amount of guards for each prince gets introduced. And there is an explanation what each positions means.

1: 27pm:

Fugetsu is on her bed crying.

Fugetsu: (What is this? A door suddenly appeared on the wall…?! But this door…I have seen it before. It’s the playground equipment “Magic Worm” that I and Ka-chin used to play with…!!)

Fugetsu decorates the bed to make it look like that she’s still sleeping on the bed. And she then enters the door. After Fugetsu enters the door, it vanishes.

Fugetsu: (That’s right!! The magic tunnel…!! We used to be able to get here and go anyway we wanted.)

Kacho turns the album while wetting her eyes with tears. Suddenly, a hole in the bed appears and Fugetsu shows her face.

Both look dumbfounded. Kachou quietly gesutres Fugetsu to come where she is.

Senritsu (melody): The 10th prince’s heartbeat suddenly jumped up?!

Someone from the H Association: You noticed it?

Senritsu: Yes!! Prince!!

Ryuji: ?

Senritsu:10th prince… are you okay?

Kacho?: What are you talking about?

Senritsu: 10th prince…please rely on us more. Our job is to protect you.

Kachou?: You’re right. It’s your job so why don’t you give your best and get that money? Just hang around somewhere and act like you care about me and that’s enough.

Kacho?: (She’s a really strong minded child. Her heartbeat is telling me that she thinks acting like that is her “responsibility”.) I…take pride in my job. Unlike you…I don’t have anyone in my private life that I would want to protect risking my own life. But if the mission is to protect someone, then I have the resolve to sacrifice myself for that person.

Kacho?: Stop acitng like you understand! Have you ever been told by your actual parent “Kill your siblings”?! It’s not like I like risking my own life!

Senritsu: It’s exactly as you say.

Kacho?: … Why do you actually think that I’m doing all this for someone?

Senritsu: (…it’s probably for the better to be honest with her) 10th prince…may I explain you about Nen in detail...?

Sale Sale’s nen beast is continuing to spit out smoke

Rihan: (It’s a diffusion equation of an inductive type and the powers are weak, but it can control many people. The white smoke that it’s spitting out intermittently…I assume that the more you inhale that, the more you get attracted to the prince. Depending on the prince’s tension, the amount or impact reach of the smoke will vary but the average is about 7m radius…Once you inhale more than a certain amount…a doppelganger of the guardian spirit beast will appear on top of the worshipper’s head. And when these guys spend a certain amount of time with another person then another doppelganger will be created using that person. So they will become the “carrier” that will spread out the goodwill of the prince. The aims for growing a Nen beast can be divided into 3 parts.

1) Manipulate people and increase your ally or
2) Reduce enemies or
3) Or collect something and increase the powers of the one using that ability or the nen beast itself.

It’s one of these 3 options in most cases. But considering the prince’s nature, his aim is Harlem. And that’s why my theory should be right with high probability. Koloabte is spending 16 hours a day like me to guard the prince, so he is almost defenceless and inhales the smoke…)

Rihan: (The guard of the 3rd Queen has probably zero loyality towards Sale Sale…I want to check how many hours it will take until the doppelganger appears on his head. I will release “Predator”. If this works against a guardian spirit beast, then I will be able to greatly contribute to the first prince’s victory!)

It’s a conjurer’s ability and once Rihan determines a target and activates it, the “predator” starts to grow inside him. The more correct the analysis and understanding of the target; the predator will surpass the target’s ability. So it will end up as a natural enemy. Because the power will get stronger depending on the accuracy of the analysis of the target’s ability, it’s helpless against simple attacks from an enhancer or an emitter.

[Room 1003]

Zhang Lei is eating and he hears the sound of a coin dropping on the floor.

Zhang: ? What’s wrong, you dropped it. Pick it up.

???: Ah Hm…You know. It’s not us, but it suddenly dropped from the air…! I’m speaking the truth. All of a sudden, right in front of our eyes, a coin dropped.

(There’s no reason to give information to the ones that don’t see or don’t know. It’s true that a coin dropped out of air. It dropped out of the 3rd prince’s guardian spirit beast…)

Zhang Lei myseritously looks at the coin.

Zhang Lei: Hmm…

???: (The coin appeared yesterday as well…! It’s just that I was the only one who realized that…)

He/she is hiding that coin in his/her hand. The coin that Zhang Lei looks at is the size of a 1 yen coin. On the coin, the number 1 and a flower design are engraved.



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افتراضي رد: سبويلر هانتر x هانتر 374 || Hunter x Hunter 374 Spoiler

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